Inhibitors of Protein-Protein Interaction Database


  • Number of compounds: 2445
  • Total number of binding data: 3998
  • Total number of biochemical binding data: 2998
  • Total number of cellular binding data: 1000
  • Number of proteins: 4933
  • Number of families: 52
  • Number of PPI targets: 143
  • Number of bibliographic sources: 240

What are the iPPI-DB standards ?

Here is some guidance to submit binding data that comply with iPPI-DB standards :
  • The PPI target must have a known functional mechanism
  • No peptide will be considered
  • Only dose response-based measures of activity are considered (e.g IC50, EC50, Kd, Ki)
  • Only activities below 30 μM will qualify the corresponding compounds

Features and Data Evolution

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